Why Is It Profitable To Buy Flats In Turkey?

Description: Lucrative apartment options in Turkey. Profit indices in Turkey: the economic situation, business potential, and other perks.

Turkey is a country that has many spices, beautiful cultures, and an impressive history. But what’s more alluring is the quality of life offered on the shores of its beautiful beaches and unique cities. Any investor considering buying flats in Turkey must first consider the factors of real estate in the economy and whether their investment will go underwater in a few years.

It is quite profitable to buy flats in Turkey, some reasons will now be juxtaposed to support this position below. If you want additional detailed information, read more on the official website Turk.Estate.

Profit Indices in Turkey

There are certain factors to check if you are trying to determine whether real estate will be profitable in specific locations. By the end of this article, you will have gained an idea of how to access profitability in Turkey and how to measure possible success. If you have more questions, refer to the website quoted above.

  1. The Economic Terrain: This is the number one factor to consider because the economic terrain will determine the influx of money activities and the level of luxury that can be afforded within the shores of a country. The economic landscape determines trade, the nation’s GDP, the quality of life, the turnover for luxury items, and the measure/ class of real estate that will be desired in the terrain. It goes with no saying that the more vibrant the economy, the more stable the various sectors. For example, in key urban centers, real estate tends to thrive and make more returns on investment than in low economic areas. Today Turkey is number 50 on the world chart of the wealthiest nations, with a GDP-PPP of an average of 37,000. Although that position is a sharp fall from number 13, where it was in 2013, real estate has improved over the years.
  2. Deliberateness or otherwise of Government Policies: All through governments, Turkey’s real estate has gained immensely from government policies. Until recently, if you bought property worth 250 000 dollars, as a foreigner, you could apply for a visa through citizenship for a home program. It is rumored that the government is about to increase that to 400 000 dollars, albeit that shows the country’s dedication towards encouraging foreign investments in real estate. Additionally, various policies encourage foreign direct investment in Turkey and promote ex-pats to live and work in different parts of Turkey. Also, factors such as minimal taxation and focus on its tourism sector make it sufficient to state that the government has contributed towards the stability of real estate in the nation.
  3. Diversity Business Potentials: Depending on which of its many cities and regions you decide to invest in, properties in Turkey can be put to multiple uses. They can fetch more money via different routes. For example, purchase a waterside property. You can use them as vacation service apartments, convert them to rentals, or utilize the property for long-term leases. Notable for these kinds of luxury apartments are the large front yard which some people convert to barbecue centers, thatch-roofed eat-outs, volleyball pitches, etc. As such, you can find property owners utilizing their properties in many ways.
  4. Location and City Indices: Lastly, the location you invest in will tell a lot about how much you make from the property. Location is an 80% profit factor in real estate, and Turkey is no exception. Before you buy a property, you need to check if it is a high-turnover location. High-rise properties in critical locations can fetch up to 10% profitability in only a few years, while investment in low-income yielding areas may take longer to materialize. Pick your desired city, determine your budget, and select a good location that best serves your purposes.

Lastly, it is crucial to seek professional help, especially when you are a foreigner and hope to benefit from the market.


Hopefully, you gained an insight. Turkey is a splendid country to own real estate, and you can gather that much from the points listed above. After applying all the advice in this article, you are set for a roller coaster of steady income from real estate in Turkey. Enjoy your investment!

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