Why Is Salesforce Important For Educational Institutions In 2021?

Salesforce has served organizations across the board for more than two decades. It has helped companies in optimizing their customer databases to provide personalized services to their clients.

However, there is a common misconception that the implementation and usage of Salesforce are limited to businesses. It is important to understand that the CRM platform can be used in many different sectors, such as education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. When it comes to education, Salesforce Education Cloud allows you to manage the database of your educational institution on a centralized platform.

What Is Salesforce Education Cloud?

Salesforce Education Cloud is a CRM platform that provides you with a centralized interface to record, store, and assess data pertaining to an educational institution. It allows users to create automated and personalized journeys for students, staff, and alumni to streamline a number of processes undertaken within an educational institution.

If you are willing to hire Salesforce developer to manage the records of an educational institution, developing Salesforce Education Cloud allows you to organize a number of processes, right from admissions and recruitment to streamlining student experiences. The CRM platform helps you take note of every single student and staff that is an integral part of the institution and allows the management to reach out to them using automated tools.

Also, if you hire Salesforce developer for your educational institution, they help you implement tools that make use of AI, machine learning, and other modern technologies. This allows you to manage your processes in an organized, precise, and accurate manner.

Major Features Of Salesforce Education Cloud

Here are some of the key features of Salesforce Education Cloud that help you run your educational institution in a systematic manner:

A 360-degree View Of Stakeholders

Salesforce Education Cloud provides users with a holistic view of all the stakeholders pertaining to your institution, including students, teachers, senior management, as well as alumni. It keeps a track of all the data belonging to each individual and provides the same to you on a centralized platform. This allows you to manage your processes from a single unified interface with a few simple clicks.

A Cross-channel View Of Records

With Salesforce Education Cloud, you can obtain a centralized view of all your records across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and email. The CRM platform helps users in keeping a track of processes undertaken across different platforms to have a holistic view of everyone that matters.

Seamless Mobile Customization

In order to increase the flexibility of the processes carried out within your educational institution, Salesforce Education Cloud comes with seamless mobile customization. The CRM platform can be operated on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices to undertake a range of processes and help users make the most of their databases. This allows students and staff members to view important details about their records and reach out to the management by making a few simple taps on their respective mobile phones.

Ensuring Personalized Communication

Salesforce Education Cloud allows users to engage in personalized communication with all the stakeholders of the institution. The CRM platform delivers a single digital engagement with personalized and streamlined communication with the stakeholders. This allows the management to communicate with the students/staff and vice versa without having to face any hassles.

Automated Marketing Processes

The CCRM platform also helps educational institutions to market their services and reaching out to potential students across multiple channels, including web, email, mobile, and social media. Right before the enrolment begins, the platform can be used to persuade students to enroll within the institution and understand the essence of the same.

Creating Responsive Applications

Salesforce Education Cloud can be used for creating responsive and targeted applications using the valuable database stored within the organization. These applications can be used for streamlining a range of processes, right from keeping a track of attendance to submitting assignments. Powerful Salesforce native applications allow the students, staff, and the management to switch to modern and paperless processes for a more organized approach to education.

Loan Application Management

If your educational institution undertakes loan application processes, Salesforce can be used for managing these processes out of a single unified platform. Right from granting concepts and tracking budgets to managing funds as they are disbursed, the CRM platform allows you to manage loan approvals and funding processes.

Collaboration Between Different Departments

Salesforce Education Cloud facilitates seamless collaboration between different departments operating within your educational institution. The CRM platform provides a smooth and seamless experience to all its stakeholders while navigating through different departments and availing themselves of the services provided by the same.

Building Healthy Relationships With The Students

Salesforce Education Cloud provides users with a holistic and personalized view of all the students studying within the institution. This allows the management to keep a track of the progress made by individual students and provide them with personalized support whenever they are in need. The CRM platform, therefore, facilitates building healthy and lasting relationships between the institution and its students.

Streamlined Staff Recruitment

Apart from nurturing the needs of the students, Salesforce Education Cloud allows institutions to streamline the recruitment processes for their staff. This allows you to automate and organize processes like scheduling interviews, shortlisting resumes, conducting mock teaching sessions, and much more.

Carrying Out Third-party Integrations

Salesforce Education Cloud facilitates the undertaking of seamless third-party integrations to collaborate with suitable applications. This allows the students, staff, and all other stakeholders to work from a centralized interface instead of switching between different platforms. For example, you can integrate your Salesforce org with an e-singing platform to use the CRM platform for making signatures.

The Final Word

These were some of the key reasons why it is important to implement Salesforce for educational institutions in 2021. Educational organizations today are in need of automated solutions to help the management optimize their records and provide personalized services to their stakeholders. With Salesforce Education Cloud, you can streamline a number of processes in the interest of your students, staff, and alumni from a single unified platform.


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