Best Blue Skins CS:GO

Many people associate the color blue with positive emotions and an atmosphere of fun. That’s why many Counter Strike Global Offensive players try to buy skins of this color on the Steam marketplace, or third-party sites. Interestingly, many gamers even make a profit by selling in-game items. This is possible if you sell CS GO skins for real money. Regarding blue colored items, the profit made can be significant. 

Among the best skins that deserve the attention of the target audience are the following:

  1. AWP Silk Tiger. Many users try to realize their potential by playing exactly on the sniper rifle. Therefore, it’s not bad when they have several skins on AWP in their inventory. Silk Tiger seems to be the optimal solution for those who like bright colors. Already from the name it becomes clear that the design contains an image of a tiger. It is located on the background of a blue skyline. The item was released in December 2020. Its price is 105 USD.
  2. Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption. A very cool option if you like the gradient of blue. The lighter shade of the front changes to a darker shade of the back. And you can notice a mosaic of different shades on the receiver cover. All in all, the price for the 2013 pistol is quite low, namely 27 USD.
  3. M4A4 The Emperor. Until recently, this design was much more expensive. Accordingly, players now have the opportunity to get it for a minimal cost. A large number of images can be seen on the machine, and in its central area you can see a picture of a man looking menacingly into the distance. The price of 6.5 USD seems minimal, and therefore the decision to make such a purchase would be ideal. Moreover, the skin is quite old, as it appeared in December 2013.
  4. M4A1-S Master Piece. A very spectacular skin, where there are no unnecessary details. The machine gun is painted in a gradient blue color. In the central part you can notice the graffiti with an illegible inscription. Such a variant by definition cannot be too cheap, and therefore the player will have to pay about 42 USD. The release is July 2014.
  5. AK-47 Frontside Misty. Extremely spectacular in terms of visual component of the skin. The gun has a successful combination of white, blue and black colors. Interesting curved lines give it a mystique. The price of the item is quite low, namely 9.1 USD. It appeared on September 17, 2015.
  6. P2000 Fire Elemental. If you’ve decided not to swap your standard CT side pistol for a USP, the Fire Elemental would be a great solution for you. The base of the pistol looks like an underwater world. The front, on the other hand, depicts a mysterious orange-colored entity with eyes that are accented. The cost of the gun starts at $5 USD. It appeared in 2014.
  7. M4A1-S Nightmare. For many players who are considering cheap options, this design will seem perfect. The midnight atmosphere is successfully conveyed through the mysterious images on the surface of the rifle. Dark and light shades of blue are successfully combined with each other. You can buy this skin on the machine for only 3 USD. It appeared in 2018 and despite its visual appeal, it has never been very popular.
  8. USP-S Blueprint. The neon color on the defensive side starter pistol looks powerful and effective. The user receiving it feels like a character from the game Hitman killing enemies. The cost is adequate, namely $3.87 USD. It is available to players since May 2017.

The blue color is perfect for most maps in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Moreover, you can find gloves and character model for them.


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