Car Insurance in Florida: Frequently Asked Questions


To comfortably travel Florida’s roadways, you will need vehicle insurance. Currently, an estimated 1 in 5 drivers in Florida do not have auto insurance, and that is extremely dangerous.

But it is not always simple to obtain inexpensive auto insurance in the Sunshine State. Analysis shows that Florida has the second-highest national average cost for complete coverage. Read on below for answers to some of the most common questions that people ask when shopping for Car insurance Florida.

How Much is Car Insurance in Florida?

Florida full coverage auto insurance typically costs $2,780 per year or around $232 monthly. The average cost of Florida’s minimum coverage is $1,084 a year, but our research showed that you might find cheaper insurance. Geico has the most affordable rates in Florida, with an average annual premium of $717 for a 35-year-old motorist with a clear driving record.

Who offers the cheapest auto insurance in Florida?

For most people, Geico offers the most affordable auto insurance in Florida. Regardless of whether you are a young or experienced driver, Geico is very likely to offer you the most affordable prices for full coverage and liability-only plans.

Why is Florida’s vehicle insurance so expensive?

Due to a large number of uninsured drivers on the road, Florida’s auto insurance premiums are more expensive than those in other states. In addition, Florida receives millions of visitors each year, and its highways are frequently congested with both locals and tourists. The likelihood that accidents will occur and, therefore, that insurers will have to pay claims rises when there are more drivers on the road.

What is covered by Florida’s minimum-coverage vehicle insurance?

Drivers must have a combined $10,000 in property damage liability and personal injury protection in Florida. Bodily injury responsibility is not required in Florida, although it is in most other states. With minimum-liability insurance, Florida is the second most costly state to insure an automobile in.

What car insurance discounts are available in Florida?

Insurance discount offers might enable you to obtain lower-cost auto insurance, regardless of your initial premium estimate. Your driving style, the safety features on your car, or your chosen mode of payment all may enable you to save money on your auto insurance. In Florida, many insurance providers offer the following discounts:

Young Driver Discount: Discounts for young drivers might help you get inexpensive adolescent car insurance because young drivers are sometimes more expensive to insure. Discounts for good students, remote students, and drivers who have completed training are frequent.

Discounts for safe drivers: Many businesses provide usage-based telematics insurance plans that monitor your driving habits via a smartphone app or plug-in gadget. You can receive a sizable discount depending on how carefully and frequently you drive. Driving for a predetermined period of time without making a claim or receiving any driving fines might result in savings as well.

Other discounts: Having your house and vehicle insurance with the same company might save you money and is a common approach. Additionally, billing reductions like setting up automated payments or getting your bills online may help you save money. Make sure to note whether you have an active insurance that has not expired if you are transferring firms. Some businesses provide discounts for ongoing insurance.


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