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Catch up and overtake TikTok

At first there were food photos. But at one point, social life stopped fitting into a static format. TikTok appeared in the spotlight. And it immediately attracted a huge audience under the age of 35 due to the dynamics, the ability to make videos, music clips, and interact with the audience in different ways. In 3 years, this platform has gathered more than 700 million users. Everyone wants to understand what the secret of success is. This article is a guide on how to make an app like TikTok.

We shouldn’t forget that this platform started in China. This country has strict censorship and a ban on external social networks. The 1.3 billion people need entertainment content, the manifestation and expression of themselves, the desire for recognition of talent, abilities. This was the first factor in its rapid popularity.

In the organizational structure lies another major advantage – an endless stream of clips. The recommending system selects the video which will interest the user. Anyone can become a content creator. It means, everyone has a chance to achieve success, recognition and earn on it. Especially since the number of likes and views is easier to get than on the same Instagram.

The huge music library has become a serious benefit among other social media networks. While users were looking for a way to insert music into videos and not get their account blocked, TikTok provided them with such an opportunity.

All of these factors inspire developers to make an app.

Magic or algorithms

Before you make an app, it’s worth figuring out the unique component. Anyone can become popular and gain millions of views in this system. Algorithms read and analyze terabytes of behavioral information: search queries, videos viewed, what kind of clips users create. Recommendations are created based on these parameters. As you can see, the system takes absolutely no care how many subscribers a user has, or what kind of audience coverage he has. The main goal of the algorithm is to keep the viewer’s attention inside the app and increase the time of engagement.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

The pandemic COVID-19 was also an influential milestone in the development of the app. The growth of users around the world was inevitable. Being quarantined, cooped up in their homes, people sought to entertain themselves in any way they could. During those few months of social distance, a habit of streaming services emerged. 

You have a successful example of the most downloadable app in 2021. Take the fundamental features when you make an app, and relate them to your initial conditions.

  • Direction. Choosing a specific niche will help you focus on the main features of the app and bring them to perfection. The appearance will also depend on your choice. Suppose, you are creating a platform for scientific talks, where professors and lecturers can post information. The design will also be appropriate. It should be serious in calm colors. If you make an app for teenagers, the exterior view will definitely look completely different.
  • Target audience. You need to understand exactly for whom to make an app. It can be teenagers, older people. This way, you can set yourself apart from the competition and attract more users interested in the product.
  • Location. Another way to develop a sought-after project is to pick the right distribution area. To do this, you should analyze the market in different countries.
  • Competitors. Carefully study similar products, assess their strengths and weaknesses. Thorough attention to details will help to find special features. You cannot just create a healthy competition, but stand out and solve users’ problems.
  • Marketing. It is not enough just to make an app, it is necessary to attract as much audience as possible. The most important in this case become social media, Influencers, bloggers. Nowadays, these are the main channels of information dissemination. Use TikTok as one of the ways to promote your project.

Do not miss the issue of monetization of the platform. As a rule, it will be advertising, both from external sources, and the format of internal targeting for users, paid subscriptions, as with Netflix.

One of the main parts in the development is its technical side. After all, there will be a choice of frameworks, cloud services, and resources to help organize the streaming of data. There are many subtleties here, which will either put you in line with Zuckerberg, or you will end up in 90% of unsuccessful startups. To avoid mistakes, it is better to select a team of developers. They will help you choose the best programs and ways to implement your idea.

Do not forget to start with a prototype, this will save both money and precious time. You will be able to draw quick conclusions about the further fate of the project and to make an app.

Turn weaknesses into opportunities

You know what the IT giants often have difficulties with? It’s the help desk. More often than not, it is difficult for the average user to understand the essential features of such services and how to implement penalties for rule-breakers. Therefore, if you want to increase audience loyalty, introduce a transparent system of interaction. This can be online chats, responses to requests. In the case of an ambiguous situation, the user should be able to resolve a disputed situation and get an explanation.

The faster you make an app and develop it, the more advanced technologies should be built into it. Right now, the emphasis is on VR/AR reality and meta-universes.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and basically a properly developed algorithm. A better program is able to process more information. The average user spends 46 minutes a day on TikTok. If you want to break that record, the recommendation system must constantly strive to generate user interest.

Content creators are most concerned about the functionality for video processing and editing. That’s why you need to make an app that allows you to process and post quality clips in a short period of time. So that even an unfamiliar user can figure it out and create a cool video. There is a trend now for products with a consumer in mind. When people’s needs and wants are put first.

Do not doubt your abilities. Tomorrow, your product will break records in the App Store. Most crucially, remember that users whose lives are being changed for the better are behind the success of your platform. If you focus on finding a cure for customer pain and creating opportunities for them to make a statement, your product will be in demand.

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