Discover beautiful headbands made in Australia

Those who follow fashion trends know that headbands are a fashion hit of the last seasons. Those who do not follow fashion trends know this too. It is impossible not to notice on the streets that headbands have become fashionable for good. Sports, casual, elegant and glamorous headbands are present. No wonder that headbands are loved by ladies, because they suit both long and short hair. They fit both up and down hair and can be worn by women of all ages. Headbands are worn willingly by women in different parts of the world: from Australia, through Europe, to America.

Popular headband styles in Australia

Women in Australia love Australian-made headbands. They are not only practical, but they can add charm and shine to any styling. On hot summer days, Australian women like to choose casual types of headbands, but still pretty. The most popular are padded headbands made of velvet or satin. They are available in many beautiful colours, both vibrant and pastel, and most importantly, they perfectly hold hair. Thanks to this, strands of hair do not stick to the forehead on hot days. Besides, the padded headbands are very girly. They fit both airy dresses and jeans and a t-shirt.

Another popular pattern is headbands with a knot on top. These are headbands in retro pin-up style. They look great with high updos and high ponytails. In combination with strong make-up, they give a characteristic style. In addition, they are very comfortable and do not pinch the scalp, because they are wide and made of soft materials. They are perfect for everyday styling, both for everyday dresses and jeans.

Australia made boho style headbands

Other headbands that Australian women love are these boho-style headbands. Who knows better than women in Australia, which is full of wonderful beaches, how to wear boho-style headbands? Boho style has extraordinary magic and charm. It is extremely feminine. Headband is a fantastic complement to boho styling – perfect for a beach party. Bright dresses made of lace, hippie cuts with fringes, crochet, patchwork, flowers, ruffles are the quintessence of the boho style, which goes perfectly with the Australian sun. Wreath design headbands are the best to complete such looks. Gold, metal wreath design headbands most often use the motif of leaves and flowers. This type of Australian design headbands look great on long, loose hair.

There are many such headbands available on the market. Proven Australia-made headbands can be found in the Axessorize online store: where there is a huge range of headbands in every colour and style.


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