Joseph Faucheaux

Viral Video

The internet is buzzing with rumors about actor Joseph Faucheaux. This Louisiana native is currently making waves on Tiktok for posting a video of himself littering the beach while bragging about his bizarre actions. The video, titled “Beach Bum,” has gone viral on the social media site, and netizens are trying to figure out if the actor is indeed him. In fact, some netizens have even gone so far as to say that the actor is Faucheaux.

TikTok Fame

The actor became popular on TikTok after he uploaded his first video. The video has since gained more than 4 lakh views and received over five million views. Besides, the video has earned the actor 14.5 thousand followers on TikTok. He is still working on validating his account. Meanwhile, if his videos are good, he may get validated on the platform. If he wants to remain anonymous, he can use the name jauch 09 to stay anonymous.

He is in Jail

While the man may not be an official criminal, his videos are a great source of entertainment. His videos show him bragging on the beach and throwing garbage into the ocean. This inappropriate behavior has caught the attention of the police department. He was later charged and is in jail. However, the man’s social media account has attracted massive criticism. The videos are causing people to wonder if Faucheaux is really safe or not.

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