Link Building Quality vs Quantity: Which is More Important?

When it comes to building links to your website, you may be wondering if having a lot of links is better than having a few links from highly authoritative or trusted sites. Is quantity more important than quality, or should you spend the effort to get one really great link rather than a hundred lower-quality links? 

Link building is the process of manually creating or obtaining links to a specific website, page, or piece of content. This can be done by manually adding a link from another site or page, requesting a link from another site owner and more. 

Building a High Volume of Links

When link building was still in its infancy, webmasters tried to build as many links back to their sites as possible through methods like blog comments, footer links, engagement, etc. link directory, etc. The more links a website has, the better it is and the more likely it is to rank well in the results for different keywords and queries.

 Also, the speed at which you acquire links is also important. Sites tend to attract links naturally, with a few natural increases happening every now and again (especially if they’re covered in the news. Though having many links is useful, It’s risky, especially if you aren’t getting them naturally. So think of quality at all times. 

Building High-Quality Links

Now that search engines can recognise link relevance, intent, and patterns, there’s been a shift in attitude among link builders. Instead of focusing on getting links from all possible sources, most link builders try to get links from trusted sources that have a higher Page Rank or are considered to be. authoritative resources. 

 Getting a link from an authoritative or trusted site will not only increase the visibility of the linked site or content but will also strengthen the authority of the linked site. So, when it comes to quality link building, it benefits not just you, but the site you’re linking from too. 

Is Link Quality Better Than Quantity?

Absolutely, If the number of links was more important than their quality, such as the quality of the source, it would be extremely easy for websites to fool search engines by generating hundreds of links on unlinked web pages. As we mentioned, this used to be a common practice, but Google’s algorithm updates now penalise sites that do it. 

A single link from a widely read news site, popular blog, or other high-quality resources can provide as much value as a hundred links from other sources. If Google trusts the site you linked to, it will also trust the link. Good links will always do better than the number of links.

How do I Get Started? 

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