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Start YouTube Channel for your Business: Tips to Get First 100 Views

Nowadays, video is one of the most consumed types of content on the internet. And, given that YouTube is among the most popular search engines, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are starting to create their own YouTube channels. If you wish to run a channel for business but have no idea where to start, this blog post is perfect for you! We’ll show you how to gain your first 100 views on YouTube, so you can get your business off to a great start.

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The benefits of YouTube for businesses

If you are only new to the business, you are probably not quite aware of all the benefits online promotion gives you. In times when everything can be done on social media, being present on such media giants as YouTube and Instagram is a real must. Let’s see why.

You will be more visible in the search

Yes, it’s a fact. YT is also a search engine. In order to find some videos, people write down certain keywords in the search bar. The same words will also work for Google. The more videos you have, the more visible your business is. Of course, if you use proper keywords, we will talk about it later.

You will wider your audience

Where can you find your target customer base if you go online? Of course, on social media! And YouTube is really great for this purpose. Billions of users visit this platform every day in search of their favorite bloggers’ videos, how to’s, unboxing, and other content. It’s your chance to make your brand voice heard. It is really a good strategy to promote your business, as you can catch the attention of people of different ages and income levels.

Visual content is King

Recent studies have shown that people really love visual content. It is even more preferable than a written or audio one. For this reason, videos will work as a great promotion tool for you. Besides, it is much easier to appeal to the audience’s emotions through videos rather than even the most emotive text. It is also your chance to take your brand to the next level by making great informative content, advertising, or even create videos.

Get even more promotion

Yes, it’s a fact. More views generate even more views, likes, subscribers, and so on. People will become your best brand managers if they watch your videos and engage with them. With each new view or comment (even an unpleasant one), your visibility will grow more and more.

The steps to starting a YouTube business channel

Suppose now you are completely sure that you need a channel for business. What will be your first steps? Let’s begin with the basics:

  • Visit the YouTube website and click on the icon on the right.
  • Now you can create a new channel. You should choose a business account type.
  •  When filling in basic information, write down your brand name since you will run a business account. Also, it would be a great idea to choose your brand logo as a profile picture.
  • That’s it! Now you can start uploading your videos and work on promotion.

Tips to get your first 100 views

Now that the technical aspect of your channel work is done, let’s talk about more challenging tasks. How would you get your first 100 views? Of course, you can always buy them, but what if it is not set in your current budget? Read the following tips to find out how to boost your account visibility.

The importance of engagement

The engagement rate is the number of people who watch your videos and interact with them in one way or another. It includes leaving comments, putting likes and dislikes, sharing videos, etc. A high engagement rate is of paramount importance for your overall channel success. Your overall goal is to adopt as many strategies as possible to make the view count of your video raise. If you can do it, then your engagement will increase as well.

What can you do? Of course, create only the best content and master your channel SEO. There are more ways to get views, but we will talk specifically about these two aspects.

The importance of great content

You may think that this advice is as old as the world itself. But in fact, it always works. People love quality content. They also observe how much time and effort a creator puts into their videos. And if you are a brand, you don’t have any right to make low-quality or random content. Your customers are definitely up to something greater.

If you don’t have any ideas, you can always make a few competitors search and analyze what is so special about their channels and content. And of course, it is always a good idea to hire a content creator for your team. If you cannot hire this person, then you should become one. Some quick tips to begin:

  • Invest in high-quality video and audio equipment that will elevate your content. Opting for the cheapest camera from the local thrift store won’t provide the desired results. Instead, consider choosing a PTZ camera for a professional and versatile solution that meets your needs. Read some tech reviews or other useful articles, ask your friends or work partners, or just read customer testimonials under the equipment of choice.
  • Set up a great setting from your videos. If it’s in your office, find the lightest and most aesthetic place. Maybe it’s a lounge zone or a kitchen.
  • Create scripts for your videos. You’ll see how much simpler it will be for you to film your videos when they are based on a well-written script.
  •  Edit your content. Of course, if you are not very good at editing, it is best to hire a professional. For example, there are many talented video editors on sites like Upwork.

The importance of keywords

As we already said, keywords help you to be more visible. But it’s also a very important factor that helps the YT algorithm to find your video and promote it (if it’s worthy of promotion, of course). So what are basically keywords? These are words or even phrases directly related to the content of your videos. In fact, these words designate the content and make it searchable.

To know exactly what keywords you need to use, you can use various tools available online, such as Keywords Magic Tool or Semrush. You should include them in your titles, descriptions, and even the About section.


If you want to take your business to the next level, you should definitely think about running a channel on YouTube. Even though growing your account is hard, this effort will definitely pay off when you see increased sales and more loyal customers in the future! 

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