4 Ways To Verify Email Validity

Email verification is a significant step in ensuring your marketing campaign’s success. This process clears your mailing lists from invalid, deactivated, or nonexistent emails, making your bounce and spam complaint rates low.

Simultaneously It Positively Affects Your Sender Reputation And Deliverability Rates High.

Here you’ll find different reasons for email verification besides using an effective email checker. You’ll also learn how to make the most of this digital tool so that your emails reach desired targets

Send Test Emails

This is the most straightforward tactic to check whether emails from your list are valid. But sending test emails isn’t effective with extensive mailing lists. For example, when you send an email to invalid or non-existing email addresses, it will bounce back and you’ll be informed that the delivery service failed. 

While this can happen from time to time, failing to deliver emails frequently can make your bounce rates soar, affecting your sender reputation until you get blacklisted. 

So while this method is effective with short mailing lists, you may choose a different way to verify extensive lists.

Use Google Search

This practice is also effective if you have short mailing lists to check. While google search can’t tell you whether the email accounts you’re checking are fake or not, you can see whether they’re valid or not.

This method may work because people tend to use their emails massively, on their websites, blogs, or social media. But if you have to verify an extensive list you may want to rely on an effective and time-efficient email checker. 

Ping Email Server

You can use tools like Telnet to ping email servers and check email address validity. But this time-consuming and complex process will require several steps to get results. 

First, you need to reach out to the SMTP server to check the Mail Exchange (MX) report for the specific email domain.

Then choose one of the servers offered and have a chat with it using different commands. Then wait for the server to check the email validity and go through the chat to see if it’s valid. 

Evidently, this process will take up a huge chunk of your indispensable time that you can otherwise use for perfecting your marketing campaign.

Use Email Checker 

Now that you’ve learned more about other maybe more traditional and time-consuming ways to verify email validity, let’s see what an email checker can do for you. 

This advanced tool is the perfect solution for handling both massive and shorter lists automatically. You’ll get clean and fresh lists of verified emails. 

Effective email checkers will save you time verifying and refreshing your lists on daily bases. In this way, you’ll increase the deliverability rate by making sure that all your emails hit the target. Your sender reputation will be spotless, without a chance of getting blacklisted. 

For all these reasons the email checker market is booming, offering different features and the number of email addresses you can verify per month, but rest assured that all of them will save you time and simplify the entire verification process.

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