The 5 Best Places to Find Aromatherapy Candles on a Budget

Finding aromatherapy candles at a great price can often be a daunting task. Aromatherapy candles can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can find quality aromatherapy candles at great prices in several places.

Whether you are looking for something to make your home smell beautiful or are trying to soothe away stress after a long day, these stores will make it easy for you to find the perfect scent for you at the best price.

1. Etsy

Etsy is best known for its handmade products, but the marketplace is also home to numerous small businesses selling aromatherapy candles. With Etsy, you’ll have a wide range of prices and choices, but make sure to factor in shipping costs when making your purchase.

Tip: Most sellers on Etsy make their own candles, which means they are likely to be of higher quality than mass-produced candles in stores.

2. Bulk Stores

If you’re looking to stock up on aromatherapy candles, bulk stores are the way to go. Costco and Sam’s Club often have packs of scented candles for a small fraction of what you’d pay for the same candles in a retail store.

Tip: It pays to read the labels before you buy, as many of the candles sold in bulk stores contain synthetic fragrances rather than natural essential oils.

3. Thrift Stores 

Believe it or not, thrift stores can be a great place to find affordable aromatherapy candles. Some thrift stores may have candles on display that were donated, and these can often be had for as little as a few dollars.

Tip: Make sure to thoroughly check the candles before you purchase them to make sure they are not expired or otherwise damaged.

4. Local Markets

Local markets are often the first place to look for aromatherapy candles at a bargain. Whether it’s a flea market, farmers’ market or craft fair, you can often find handcrafted candles at great prices.

Tip: If the vendor doesn’t have the scent you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask, as some are willing to make custom aromatherapy candles to order.

5. Online Stores

These days, there are countless options for purchasing aromatherapy candles online. From high-end designer candles to more affordable options, it’s easy to find the perfect candle to suit your needs and preferences. When shopping for the perfect vanilla candle, Amazon is one of the most popular places to shop online, according to Statista.

Tip: When shopping for aromatherapy candles on Amazon, make sure to compare prices and check for free shipping offers to get the best deal on your purchase.


No matter where you purchase, do your homework to ensure you obtain the greatest quality aromatherapy candles at the best price. In addition, consider checking out sales and special offers, as even the most expensive aromatherapy candles can be had for a great discount. With a bit of searching, you’re sure to find the perfect candles for you at the perfect price.



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