Things to Know Before Going to Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves pure oxygen in a pressured environment. This treatment is used for decompression sickness, it is a potential risk of scuba diving. Other issues treated with hyperbaric therapy are bubbles of air in your blood vessels, serious infections and wounds that result from radiation injury, and diabetes.

The air pressure in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is increased two or three times higher compared to normal air pressure. With this your blood carries extra air throughout your body, it promotes the production of growth factors which help in the healing process and stems cells. It also helps in the battle against infection. However, before getting started, you have to keep a few important factors in mind that are as follow:

What to Keep in Your Mind Before Going With Hyperbaric Therapy?

● Avoid Therapy if You Are Sick:

If you are sick, it is better to avoid the therapy. Before opting for hyperbaric oxygen treatment, you have to ensure that you are not suffering from fever, cold and other illnesses. For instance, if you have a minor cold then hyperbaric therapy is not suitable for you because the ability to clear your ears may be harmed. Consequently, you may suffer from a serious ear injury. This is the main reason why should not go to therapy if you are sick.

● Some Medication Should be Avoided Before The Therapy:

Undoubtedly, oxygen can change the effect of some medicines. There are some medications that should be avoided while you are receiving treatment. For example, you are not allowed to get counselling if you are on anti-alcohol medications. What you can do is talk to a doctor before starting the therapy and make sure everything is in order.

● Be Ready For There For Some Hours:

It takes roughly two hours to complete the therapy. Keep in mind that your doctor will prescribe more treatments till the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done properly. How many treatments you receive is determined by how rapidly your disease improves. As a result, plan on spending some time there. Despite the fact that the real therapeutic time is around 110 minutes. However, depending on the patient’s state, it may be exceeded.

● Be Aware of Some ide Effects:

It’s very normal to feel fatigued after a therapy session. You may feel pain in your ears or a build-up of fluid in your ears. But don’t worry, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Such conditions are common and will pass once the therapy is completed.

● You May Feel That You Are in Aeroplane:

Some people have compared the start of therapy to the first time they flew in a plane. This is because as the pressure in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber rises, the pressure in your ears rises as well. The ear-popping feeling is caused by this. Professionals, on the other hand, ensure that no patient experiences any ear pain or issues.

In Conclusion

I hope that this post is beneficial for you. There are some important facts that you have to know before opting for hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.


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