How To Choose The Right Men’s Wedding Ring

Exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony symbolizes the love and mutual devotion of the partners to each other. Some couples choose traditional rings, while others opt for unique and modern wedding bands. The wedding rings of the future spouses could complement each other in terms of style, or each could choose a ring based on their own individual style. When choosing a women’s wedding ring, the engagement ring also plays a vital role – it’s important that they complement each other in terms of design and that they don’t interfere with each other. But what about the man’s ring?Men don’t have as wide a choice as the ladies. However modern jewelers constantly come up with new ideas and designs that best capture a man’s personality and style. Let’s look at  all the elements of wedding rings and break them down so that we can make it easier for you to choose a ring.

The different styles of men’s rings: what you need to know

When choosing the ideal men’s wedding ring, you need to take into account several of the following aspects:

Focus on the width

One of the basic parameters to consider is the width of the ring. A narrower band looks quite minimalist and especially suits men with slim fingers. On the other hand, a wider band is much more noticeable and tends to be more comfortable on wider fingers. The standard width of wedding rings ranges between 2 mm and 6 mm. For men who are not used to wearing a ring, a thinner wedding band would be the best choice. However it depends on your personal preferences and what width would be best for you.

The choice of metals

Wedding rings are the one piece of jewelry that you might not take off at home or during leisure activities. Therefore some of the most important features to consider are durability and longevity. This is mainly decided by the metals used for the ring and the quality of the workmanship. The most common types of metals used in jewelry making include gold and platinum. Nowadays other less traditional metals such as palladium have slowly become fashionable, but they are not nearly as common and popular as the above mentioned two. 

The KLENOTA jewelry studio works with 14K gold which has excellent properties ideal for handmade jewelry. Compared to 18K gold it is harder, does not scratch as much, and what’s more, it’s more affordable. In short, the ideal jewelry for everyday wear. White gold is currently still the most sought after among men’s wedding rings. It’s neutral, modern, timeless and elegant. A yellow gold wedding ring on the other hand is traditional and a classic. It has also become fashionable again in recent years, so if you like its bold and warm tone, it’s definitely a good choice for you. Rose gold is especially popular among women, but men don’t need to be afraid of it either. It looks very nice and soft on the skin.

The design of the ring

Men usually prefer simplicity and therefore they most often prefer plain wedding rings without any unnecessary embellishments. Men’s wedding rings also differ from women’s wedding rings in that they are bigger and have a wider band. If you would like to match a man’s wedding ring with a woman’s, then you could get some inspiration from the gold wedding ring sets made by the KLENOTA jewelry studio. But if you’d rather choose something with an individual style, don’t despair. Having to match a ladies’ ring to a man’s is no longer a necessity these days. The woman might choose a rose gold ring, but a man will prefer a white gold one. While a woman’s ring might be decorated with diamonds or precious stones, a man will most often simply choose a particular surface finish to the gold or a particular shape of ring as their individual feature. Of course, men too can choose a diamond ring, it’s all a matter of preference and taste.

So what options do you have to choose from?

Ring shapes

The most common ring shapes (also known as profiles) are either rounded or flat. The rounded edge is one of the traditional and timeless ring designs. Smooth edges blend in with the finger and you hardly feel the ring when you wear it. It’s therefore suitable for men for whom comfort is the most important. 

The second type is a ring with flat edges. You’ll recognize it by the fact that the top and inside part of the ring is flat, without any curves. It has a modern look with a touch of minimalism to it. It’s suitable for men who are looking for something unconventional and who want to impress.

Surface finish of the ring

Every surface finish will change over time. Rings made of precious metals are literally a record of your every day. What finish should you choose to best suit you? 

A shiny, smooth finish is one of the most popular finishes since the polished metal looks very elegant and luxurious. However you’ll have to take into account that with regular wear, the ring will acquire a patina, but you can easily have it polished again by a professional goldsmith, or leave the ring as it is and allow its character to show.

A matte finish is a popular option for those who prefer a softer look. Thanks to the matte texture, minor scratches from regular wear and tear are not as visible and the ravages of time are slower to show on it than with a shiny finish. With wear, over time it will smooth out and becomes more polished in appearance. But even a matt finish can be restored at a jewelry store.

A textured finish is certainly an interesting alternative to the two mentioned above. The textured design could evoke flowing water or perhaps the bark of a tree and the irregular pattern of a textured finish adds an element of wildness to the ring. It will appeal to men who like to break out of stereotypes and who appreciate being inspired by nature.

The price of the ring

On average, men’s wedding rings cost around $400, but they can go up to $3000 or more in price. The cost depends on the metal, the style, the retailer (jewelry store, designer, etc.) as well as any gemstones chosen (diamond or precious stone).

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