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The recent defamation trial involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard prompted a response from CUNY. The system includes several colleges. A CUNY website published an article praising Mena, which the school later removed with an apology. It appears that CUNY is trying to protect its reputation. In addition, the University is concerned about the impact of its decision on Yarelyn Mena, and is reviewing its policy to make sure that it doesn’t repeat the mistake.

 Associate Attorney

Yarelyn Mena is an associate attorney at Brown Rudnick LLP. She hasn’t yet created a Wikipedia page, but has a background in marketing and law. Before joining the firm, she did an internship at Fluent, Inc. Her experience in the industry has also included work as an assistant paralegal at Fishbach Hertan. Mena earned her J.D. from Fordham University School of Law in 2019, and she earned her bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in 2015.

Removed Article

The City University of New York has removed an article about Yarelyn Mena, an associate attorney at Brown Rudnick LLP. Her role in Johnny Depp’s legal team has been controversial, and she has come under fire from her peers for it. The CUNY article was deleted after receiving backlash online. The university is considering rewriting the article, but the student body hasn’t yet decided on a new policy.

Johnny Depp Case

Yarelyn Mena is an associate attorney at Brown Rudnick LLP. She is currently representing Johnny Depp in a defamation trial with his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard. Amber Heard accused Depp of sexual abuse back in 2018. The resulting trial has brought Yarelyn Mena to the forefront of the media. This is not surprising because her work has made her a sought-after attorney in Hollywood.

Member of the Dominican Bar

Yarelyn Mena is an associate attorney at Brown Rudnick. She is a member of the Dominican Bar Association and the Women’s Initiative Steering Committee. She is also an associate adviser to incoming associates. She was selected for participation in the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Latina Leadership Academy. Yarelyn Mena is a Dominican American who earned her B.A. in psychology from Hunter College and a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law in 2019.


There is not much information about Yarelyn Mena’s personal life. She has not disclosed her family details. However, it seems that she is not married and has few non-public activities. She is relatively reserved, and appears to be an introvert. She earns a median of $136,758 per year as an affiliate lawyer. She also appears to be active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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